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CNCA -3KT. Programming manual.(Chapter 1)

With this you have input 4 lines into the programme memory of the computer. The computer should now repeat these lines.

Type for this:

" align="left" height="17" hspace="27" width="103">          (Write lines 1-10)

Now add line 5; for this type:

5 LINE 5 < RET>

Wl-10 <RET> (Write line 1-10)

Now, line 5 is to be replaced by a new instruction; The old line 5 is thereby automatically cancelled.


5                 THIS IS THE LINE 5 < RET >

Wl-10 <RET>

5           <RET> (Line 5 is replaced by "no instruction", therefore cancelled!).

Wl-10 <RET>

8 LINE 8 <RET>

W <RETV (Write the last input line)

W3 <RET> (Write line 3)

W-3 <RET^ (Write from start up to line 3)

W3- <RET>(Write from line 3 to the end)

W2-8<RET> (Write from line 2-8)

W- <RET> (Write from start to the end)

You now know, how lines are input and how you can get the computer to write, or print - out, hese lines.

Correction of typing errors in input

The correction of typing errors in input is done via the "DELETE" key. For each symbol to be cancelled the "DELETE" key is pressed once. For each cancelled symbol an oblique sign appears.

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