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CNCA -3KT. Programming manual.(Chapter 1)

The computer should now check the input pattern. Type for this:

TP<RET>               (Test the Programme)

and you can see on the display on the machine, that "something happens" after a short time the computer announces:


This means that the programme was checked up to the "END" which appears in line 999 and is in order, as regards the input. The computer can find only "programme faults", so called "Syntax faults" or"logic faults". Faults within jacquard patterns cannot be found.

Explanation of the machine's display

S6 L999 R2 > 45 < 55 T 123

S6       The piece counter stands at 6 (from 1 to 2000)

L999 The current programme line is 999

R2> 45<55 Cycle has still to run 45 times out of a total of 55

T123 The machine has knitted 123 rounds of the piece

When you instruct "TP" from the printer, then you can read the number of revolutions for 1 piece on the display. When you instruct "TP" on the keyboard of the machine, the display will overwrite "PATTERN OKAY". You can obtain the number of rounds later however by asking for the contents of memory #126. As the computer "thinks in advance", in this case it must be 1 round less.

#126 <RET>       (answer of the computer #126 = 124, thus 123


The number of rounds can then be converted into a "knitting time".


Now you will knit the pattern. The instructions in the programme will select the needles in the machine. No attention need be given to the gauge.

The yam feeders:

Left                        Right

6 draw thread               2/5/6 ground yarn

3                 1st contrast

4                 2nd contrast

The "ABCD" error indicator is still showing. The pattern programme has not yet started. The computer cannot know, whether further instructions are to be given, or whether it may now work.

Besides,the first knitting row must be "fixed" in order to knit a few rows rib or tubular. Yam feeders: 2 leading, 5 trailing.

For this, start the programme with:

SPF<RET> (Starts the programme and fixes the first knitting row)

Turn a few rows with the crank handle before switching the machine on. Now stop the carriage after the left reversal,(the carriage should have moved l-5cm to the right).

NOTE - important:

You should always set the machine in this position when you wish to switch off at the main switch.


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