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CNCA -3KT. Programming manual.(Chapter 1)

CNCA -3KT. Programming manual.

Chapter 1 of this book describes chiefly the text-input commands, which can be used for alterations of the existing text.


The Stoll C.N.C.A.-3 machine is controlled by a mini-computer.

Mini computers contain a great variety of micro processors, therefore a flexibility in the service of the machine is reached, which previously was not possible.

How does this work in practice?

A pattern is typed into the mini-computer via a typewriter.

The main computer, which in future we shall refer to just as a computer, then gives its instructions in the form of electrical signals to the electronic control. The electronic control switches the magnets, as for example yarn feeders,strikers and needle selection. The electronic control on its side passes information back e.g. when the carriage runs through the reversal. The electronic control therefore, is the link between computer and machine.

What advantage does a computer offer to a knitting machine?

A computer SIMPLIFIES the input of a knitted pattern.

A computer FACILITATES the servicing of the machine.

A computer SAVES material and time.

A computer CHECKS an input knitting programme.

A computer REDUCES the necessary time for the pattern and with it the cost of pattern creation.

In addition a computer allows you to knit patterns, which before could not be punched. During the patterning the computer does not need data carrier, you type the pattern directly into the machine, knit the sample, alter it, until you are satisfied. Then the data carrier is automatically created by the computer. All the dependent size data for any number of sizes can be contained in a programme.

The person attending must then only choose a size, in order to make a transposition.

Further possibilities you can get to know from this handbook.


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