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Учимся программировать Stoll CMS.

CNCA -3KT. Programming manual.(Chapter 2)

CNCA -3KT. Programming manual.

The control—commands of the machine offers   the maximum ease of operation.  The micro-computer is loaded with a programme, using Sintral Software.

Sintral means: Stoll INTerpreter - computer software for ALL Selectanit machines.

This Sintral ground programme incorporates all the different aspects of knitting on the C.N.C.A.-3 which can be demanded of the computer. You determine what the machine should actually knit via the knitting programme that you input.

Your knitting programme contains instruction to the machine, as e.g. "RM for rib, "RBEG" for cycle BEGin, "ML" for machine low speed etc.

Function holes are no longer used on this machine. You can concentrate on your knitting programme and type it straight into the computer. Your knitting programme remains readable in "clear text", therefore, alterations in a pattern could be made in the quickest way.

Input programmes are checked, and any faulty inputs are displayed by the computer in clear text. Each programme line can contain commentary in any language, so that remarks to the knitter can be given.

This programming system with the name "Sintral" can be used for all STOLL-selectanit machines.

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